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Our story begins in the late 1890's with my Great Grandparents William and Anna; they raised hounds on their Percheron farm in Worthington MO.  My own grandparents, Norman and Elsie, continued the tradition of raising hounds in the 1940's but also added in a little spice with Rat Terriers.  This continued with my own parents Roger and Linda who raised Dobermans in the late 1970's and switched to raising Australian Shepherd in the 1980's. I am the 4th generation and my daughters are the 5th generation of dog breeders with their very own lines. We are canine enthusiasts!  I don't remember a time in my life that does not include a good memory of a great dog!

We obtained our first Rat Terrier in 1996  "Spiders Cracker Jack". Spider Franklin is a shirt tail relative of my Grandfather Norman, these are some of the same dogs my grandparents had in the 40's.  Then In the year 2000 we began to look for a dog for my two daughters Heather and Bryanna both of whom wanted a Chihuahua.  I thought better things might come from purchasing a Rat Terrier and thus begins our part of the story.  I purchased a female Rat Terrier from Ina Kleinschmit in Gold Beach, Oregon and we have never looked back!  The day I saw that beautiful BIG Rat Terrier I knew I had something VERY special INDEED!  Hattie is the reason that I began and continue to breed to this day.  She was a dog my children could "dress up" and teach tricks, but that I could also take out into the fields and streams and hunt with.  She was calm and attentive to my commands.  Always willing to please and never wanting to be very far from the family that she loved so much. When Hattie turned 2 years old the girls started to ask for another puppy.  We searched for a very long time realizing that the (Larger Standards 16-18' at the shoulders) or "Giant" Rat Terrier was a hard find.  Finally, we then traveled to Ohio and purchased another pup.  The children were happy that now we had 2 dogs and they did not have to share Hattie LOL!

In my search I realized that the larger type of Standard Rat Terrier was few and far between and that they would need a serious steward to continue the bloodlines.  I began purchasing dogs from all over the country from the handful of breeders who were left and our kennel became the place that saved this bloodline this incredible Standard Rat Terrier.  We had the great fortune to utilize some of the VERY last remaining dogs that were available.  Our family began an intense breeding program to grow numbers and also furthering knowledge that this dog even existed.  Today I can honestly say that I regret none of the efforts that my family undertook.  We moved from town and built a new ranch house on 200 acres and a new kennel was raised and a beautiful whelping area customized.

The do
gs you see today (over 90% of all bloodlines in existence today) are raised and bred by us with a specific idea in mind! To preserve this amazing Standard Rat Terrier for future generations to love, own and enjoy. Seegmiller Kennel takes our breeding seriously we breed for overall superior temperament and excellent health with PLL clear lines and solid structure! All while keeping the hunting instinct alive and well. Over the years we have placed dogs with beginning breeders all across the USA (if they have Large Rat Terriers in the US then they came to us to get them) and in several foreign countries.  Our Rat Terriers are proudly recognized by the American Kennel Club and we go full AKC status June 26th, 2013. Some of our dogs have already been out showing in AKC in the licensed group and have done very well.  We no longer have Hattie but she lives forever in our hearts and forever in her bloodline sons and daughters, grand-pups and yes even great grand-pups!  I am blessed to have been given this task for I believe that everything happens for a reason and I believe that this dog came to our family so that they would no longer be an obscure legend that people thought never existed. Through our efforts this dog has become a living American Legend!

Lynn & Kimberly Seegmiller
Glenwood MO

The Children Who LOVE A Seegmiller Puppy & Adults too!

Our bloodlines love their families!

A friend and a partner for life!


Best dog I have ever owned! K Mason

I cannot believe I missed out on this dog till now, I am forever grateful to you and your family for saving these dogs! T Landry

*There is just something quite special about these "Seegmiller Rats" nothing else really compares!  A Harrison

*You have come to the source for the large "Giant" Rat Terriers! B Campbell


We hope you enjoy our new streamlined site! We love to show off our Large "Giant" Rat Terriers!  I am a photographer so we do have lots of photographs! Please feel free to comment and ask questions!

The Seegmiller Family